Satin vs. matte stretch ceiling: which one to choose?

Satin ceiling covering is a special type of material on a woven base with the thinnest layer of polyvinylchloride coating. The ceiling with this finish is neither matte nor traditionally whitewashed. Its surface does not have the grits that are noticeable on a matte finish. It does not have the same mirror-like ability as PVC films, but it still reflects light slightly. Its special surface is able to change its colour under different lighting conditions.

satin stretch ceiling

In daylight, the surface of a satin ceiling will be slightly cooler with a more pronounced colour, while in artificial light, the sheeting becomes warm, slightly pearlescent.

Features of satin sheets are the following:

  • the sheeting repeats the texture of a satin fabric;
  • can be installed in unheated rooms;
  • the service life of the product is up to 20 years;
  • mould and fungi do not form on the fabric;
  • large choice of colours;
  • satin has all the advantages of stretch ceiling systems;
  • the price for such products is not small, but in comparison with plasterboard ceilings, they are more practical, less expensive, and labour-intensive;
  • quick and easy installation;
  • ceiling is easy to clean.

Matte Stretch Ceiling: Features

If you choose matte or satin stretch ceilings, please note that the price of the latter will be much higher. Matte coverings are made of polyvinylchloride film. Their colouring can be any. White matte stretch ceilings are very similar to the traditional whitewashed surface, so they can be recommended to those who prefer a classic style. If you want to buy stretch ceilings at the most reasonable price, then white matte sheeting is exactly what you need.

matte stretch ceiling

Features of matte PVC fabrics  are the following:

  • quick and easy installation;
  • perfectly smooth surface;
  • wide colour range;
  • the surface has no mirror effect at all;
  • high moisture resistance, the coating is able to hold large volumes of water;
  • the sheeting can be washed;
  • the ceiling cannot be used in unheated rooms because of its brittleness at minus temperatures;
  • installation in large rooms does not require a welded seam on the surface.

Matte or Satin Stretch Ceilings: Which is Better?

Comparing matte and satin surfaces, the following conclusions can be drawn:

  • Matte finishes have no reflectivity at all, while satin finishes give a soft, calm glow.
  • The special woven structure of a satin sheet is not at all similar to the grainy texture of a matte film. It is more noble and refined.
  • The matte finish always looks the same, which is not the case with the satin surface. The material looks different under different lighting conditions.
  • Satin surfaces can be used in unheated rooms, but matte film surfaces cannot.
  • They are equally easy to care for. However, it is recommended to wipe satin with a dry cloth and not use wet sponges, otherwise, it will leave streaks. Matte films can be cleaned with any detergent.
  • Satin coating is installed without the use of a heat gun, matte film requires preheating.
  • Satin is more expensive, matte white film is the most affordable.
  • The ecological purity of satin stretch coverings is much higher than the harmlessness of matte films. That is why satin can be used in children’s rooms, and PVC films are not recommended there.

It is also worth noting that there is another interesting option – fabric stretch ceilingsFabric stretch ceilings are a type of ceiling covering that is a strong and seamless textile fabric impregnated with polyurethane. If you want to learn more about them, we recommend that you read the information on the Brilliance Ceiling website. There you can find examples of work, prices and detailed information about the ceilings.

Matte or Satin Stretch Ceilings: Conclusion

Matte or satin stretch ceiling

Having studied the reviews of buyers on the network, we can say that each sheeting is good in its own way. For example, the coating of matte film is ideal for kitchens, baths, bathrooms, and swimming pools, which can not be said about satin. However, satin sheeting has a more original and expensive look. Its pearlescent shine and play of colours under different lighting can not be repeated by any other ceiling covering, so in the living room, bedroom, or children’s room, you can’t think of a better ceiling.

This article was prepared with the support of Brilliance Ceiling, a company that installs stretch ceilings in the UK. Brilliance ceiling – stretch ceilings in UK!

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