Extending Your Visit Visa within UAE

Visit Visa

A visit visa is one of the types of entry permits. In the UAE, this type of visa allows individuals to visit the country for certain reasons and specified purposes. Some of the purposes include tourism, trade, or transit. There is a specific criterion of a visit visa that accounts for the duration and eligibility criteria. Furthermore, the visit visa also depends upon the visitor’s nationality and the nature of the visit. Law Firms expert in immigration matters mostly located in DUBAI, ABU DHABI in UAE. Lawyers here are called as DUBAI LAWYERS or ABU DHABI LAWYERS.

UAE- A Center of Attention for Tourists/Visitors

Millions of people visit the UAE every year. The country attracts thousands and millions of tourists on an annual basis. In case you are one of the tourists in the UAE you need to know what are the requirements, eligibility criteria, costs, and much more.  Moreover, if you desire to extend your stay in the UAE you need to understand the visa procedure along with the specifications. Today in this detailed guide we will elaborate on the Visa process, its requirements, duration, costs, and specifications for extending the visit visa in the UAE. Lawyers in Dubai also deal with immigration disputes, bans and other miscellaneous issues. Law Firms in UAE are the most reliable law companies. For example Law Firms in Dubai have a good reputation.

The approach can differ from situation to situation. The changes depend on every emirate within the UAE. If you are in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, or elsewhere the process varies depending upon the laws and who sponsors your visa. This article breaks down the steps and costs associated with the extension of your tourist visa. The tourist visa can be extended in 2 ways. There are 2 various ways through which the purpose can be served. Nonetheless, it can be done online through two various authorities e.g. Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security (ICP) which is the Federal Authority. Book a legal appointment with a good Lawyer in ABU DHABI or DUBAI and grab the most recent details and research. Lawyers in Ajman, Sharjah or other Emirates are also good. But the lawyers here, in ABU DHABI and DUBAI do have the special reputation and professional exposure. Visitor VISA,

ICP Visa Extension Requirements, Costs, Duration, and Eligibility Criteria:

Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security (ICP) manages all the visa extensions for every kind of tourist. They are held responsible for handling all over the UAE. The entire visa process is properly streamlined and systematic for extending visit visas. Family members and friends can benefit from it by visiting the country according to their needs. The visitors within a valid period can apply. Those who wish to extend their stay in the emirate for a 30, 60, or 90-day visit visa can apply for a 30-day extension.

Documentation, Terms, and Conditions for Visit Visa Extension via ICP:

Thus, to apply for a 30-day extension, the tourists or visitors need to meet the following criteria stated below:

Firstly, the tourist or visitor must be present in the UAE during the application process. Secondly, the individual should hold a valid passport with a validity time. The validity time of it should be at least six months before it expires.

Thirdly, they need to submit the original entry permits along with a colored and clear personal photo with the relevant authorities to process the visa extension. Lastly, they must provide any additional document that is required by ICP.

GDRFA Visa Extension: The Specifications, Documentation, and Eligibility Criteria:

GDRFA deals with all the tourists or visitors in Dubai who are looking to extend their stay. The process involves applying for a visa extension through the official government authorities named GDRFA.

The authority is held responsible for dealing with the issuance, response, and approval of visas, especially in Dubai. For the extension of a tourist visa in Dubai, one can easily use the GDRFA application. Moreover, the official online website of GDRFA is available to guide. One can also visit an AMER website or service center to get useful information.

The whole process of visa extension includes filling out details, attaching the necessary documents, paying the required fee, and then waiting for the confirmation. Nonetheless, the parents can easily apply for visa extensions for their children. The age criteria is for the children who are below 18 years of age.

Duration, Costs, and Application Process for Visa Extension in Dubai:

For the qualification of the extension of the visa, one needs to submit some documents. Firstly, a copy of your valid tourist visa is required. Secondly, they need to submit a passport copy. Passport should have a validity time of at least 6 months or so.

GDRFA has the full authority to extend tourist visas for one or more times. Still, the time must not exceed 120 days’ time. This applies to both single-entries along multiple-entry tourist visas. On the other hand, there are associated costs attached to the visa extension in Dubai. The total cost for the extension normally varies depending on the stay. The basic fee for visa extension is 600 dirhams along with the 5% VAT that is also charged.

It is applicable for both single-entry and multiple-entry tourist visas in Dubai. Nevertheless, the additional fees are also charged if the sponsored person is inside Dubai. It includes the Knowledge dirham of 10 Dirhams, the Innovation dirham is 10, and the Fee inside the country is 500 Dirhams. Moreover, the total cost may vary depending on the circumstances of the individual.

Seek Visa Extension through Legal Assistance in the UAE:

The Visa extension procedure is time-consuming, complicated, and involves compliance. Besides, the laws, regulations, and UAE legislation are equally complex. The expertise sans the experience of a well-equipped attorney can be invaluable.

Extending a tourist visa in the UAE becomes easier, quick, and feasible with the aid of a qualified lawyer. The well-versed and knowledgeable attorneys can carefully plan it and assist accordingly.

Nonetheless, the lawyers are well aware of the different rules, requirements, eligibility criteria, and fees associated with visa extensions in each emirate. Furthermore, they also handle all the dealing with the official authorities including GDRFA and ICP.

Lawyers are capable of efficiently handling the entire visa extension process for single or multi-entry tourists. The legal advice from them is based on the situation that well suits it. This is also a way to avoid legal issues, penalties, and charges attached to overstay.

The lawyers can help in following the steps and guidelines that are discussed above. Now anyone can enjoy an extended stay in the UAE without much fuss, hurry, or hassle. Don’t jeopardize your visa state and travel plans by avoiding the services of a lawyer.

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